Promising Professions for Today’s Tentmakers

Job opportunities outside North America for tentmakers vary greatly from country to country and over time. In the mid-twentieth century the teaching of English as a second language in developing countries was perhaps the most common opportunity for even marginally qualified candidates. But the current overseas job market has become more sophisticated and specialized.

From common understanding of what national development involves, one can guess some specialties that may now be in demand. Needs are apparent as less developed nations often struggle with an inadequate food supply, poor medical services, underdeveloped business enterprises, untapped natural resources, and limited social services. It would seem these are areas of expertise that countries may need as they move through the stages of development. But one can explore the actual fields of posted job opportunities abroad in higher education to get a more objective measure of the specialties now in demand.

The current overseas job market has become more sophisticated and specialized.

A would-be tentmaker can search job openings posted on the website for subscribers to the Chronicle of Higher Education, a major source of open positions in higher education. Of course, of the many thousands of postings at any given time, most are for positions in North America. Yet, there are dozens of listings posted by institutions in other countries. These are certainly of interest to anyone searching for a teaching position in a foreign university, but useful too as a probable indicator of areas of need in industry, municipalities, and business.

Working Abroad With Purpose | The Way of a TentmakerIn late August, 2020, an inquiry into the Chronicle website led to many open overseas positions ranging across the Middle East, Central Asia, and the Far East. Many jobs were in schools of business in the fields of management, finance, and accounting. Open positions in Vietnam were posted by a faculty of entrepreneurship that sought expertise in leadership and organizational behavior. Jobs in China pertained to library science and recycling, while four positions listed by institutions in Taiwan were in the field of music. Seven positions in the Middle East pertained to water resources. Still, there were positions in English and comparative literature. These are in addition to a few high level positions in university administration. The Chronicle subscriber can search this website by either country or specific field of expertise.

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